Student FAQs for COVID-19 Class Changes

Last updated 12:21 p.m. June 30, 2021

Here are answers to frequently asked questions from students about potential class changes due to coronavirus.

Do I need to monitor my student email account?

Yes. You should regularly monitor your student email account and communicate with instructors using your student email account. Check your KCC email account at least once per day.

How will the College’s decisions, based on COVID-19, affect my financial aid?

Contact Financial Aid for your specific circumstances at 269-965-4123 or [email protected].

Am I required to wear a face covering on campus?

KCC currently requires all students, employees and guests to wear facial coverings during all indoor instructional activities.

Are KCC counselors available? How do I schedule a phone appointment with them?

Yes. Counselors are available and we encourage students to reach out to them. You can contact our counselors directly to schedule a phone appointment: Tim Bond at [email protected] and Mitch Walinski at [email protected].

I’m a current student and need to speak with my academic advisor. How do I schedule a phone appointment?

Current students can schedule a phone appointment with their academic advisor through Starfish, located in the Bruin Portal. Directions for scheduling appointments through Starfish are located on the Starfish Student Support page. New and returning students can schedule a phone appointment by first emailing the Academic Advising department at [email protected]. A directory of the Academic Advising department is also available online, if you wish to reach someone specifically.

If I don’t have Internet access, how will that affect my ability to take KCC classes?

Internet service providers are offering temporary free access to Internet service. If such a workaround is not available to you, work with your instructor on a plan for an Incomplete Contract.

If I don’t have a laptop computer, can I borrow one from KCC or apply for a loan to buy one for myself?

KCC has a limited number of laptops available for students who have a demonstrated need and who sign a formal agreement regarding the use of College equipment. Contact the KCC Help Desk for more information.

KCC students may be able to apply for a federal student loan to purchase a laptop. Contact KCC Financial Aid at 269-965-4123 or [email protected]. .

How can I request transcripts if KCC facilities are closed?

Alumni and former students can connect to the National Student Clearinghouse to request an official transcript. This secure electronic format is designed to expedite the process and give you additional delivery options. American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa are acceptable forms of payment. There is a $6.25 charge per transcript to send your transcript electronically. Please visit the Student Clearinghouse website at to process your electronic order. Be sure to verify with your receiving institution that they participate in electronic exchange to receive your transcript.

If I sign an Incomplete Contract, how will this affect my financial aid?

Contact Financial Aid for your specific circumstances at 269-965-4123 or [email protected]. Additionally, you may submit questions on KCC’s Virtual Services web page at

Can I transfer or graduate with an incomplete grade?

You will have to meet the requirements for graduation or the transfer institution. If you need the course for transfer or graduation, you will need to complete the Incomplete Contract.

Is the Morris Library open to students?

The Morris Library at KCC is open with modifications to access and services. Online access to a host of library services remains available at

How can I get help with online resources when the library is not open?

There is a 24-hour live chat reference help through the widget at the bottom left of all library pages.

Will services for students (i.e. Academic Advising, Admissions, Center for Student Success, Career & Employment Services, Counseling, Financial Aid, Library, etc.) be available virtually?

KCC staff and many campus services are available remotely, even if campuses are closed abruptly. Visit for contact information for the various departments. We’ll be updating this page with information and resources for students on an ongoing basis.

What if I have a course in the community such as a clinical or experiential learning?

Students should communicate with their instructors via KCC email for more information.

What about training at the RMTC?

The College has resumed face-to-face instruction and training at the RMTC, with modifications. The latest information will be available on the Industrial Trades homepage.