Keyboarding 2

OIT 110
2 CR

This individualized instruction course is designed to teach mastery of the keyboard, mechanics of the computer, accuracy and speed in typing, practice of basic office keyboarding skills, and production of office materials. Students will be introduced to basic document processing using Microsoft Word. Students will learn to create memorandums, modified block and block letters with envelopes, unbound and left-bound reports, and tables. Minimum speed attainment of 33 words per minute on a three-minute timing with five or less errors is necessary for the grade of “C.” Students enrolling in this course must know how to type using the touch method and be able to key for two minutes at 20 words per minutes with five or less errors. [0-32-32] Lab Fee

Prerequisites: ACCUPLACER reading score of 60, or a "C" in TSRE 55; and a "C" in OIT 109