Advanced Excel

OIT 183
2 CR

This individualized instruction course introduces students to the advanced features of Excel and prepares students to take the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert Certification exam. Major topics will include: creation and manipulation of business-formatted worksheets and charts using appropriate functions and formulas in Excel; creation of worksheets utilizing data tables, hyperlinks, databases, templates, and consolidated capabilities; integration of graphics, Word, Access, and Excel data into appropriate business reports, etc.; using Visual Basic for Applications code to create procedures for specific worksheets; using advanced techniques to audit and validate data, solve problems using Excel’s Solver, Scenario Manager, and Pivot Table, Pivot Chart, and data Map utilities; importing and exporting data and collaborating on worksheets tracking data changes; and Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert Certificate exam objectives. [0-32-32] Lab Fee

Prerequisites: a "C" in OIT 182