Network Wiring, Design, and Installation

CET 279
3 CR

Recommend students have basic computer literacy and Internet skills. Networking experience is desirable but not required. Students should be capable of lifting light loads and climbing ladders to work at ceiling heights. This introductory course focuses on cabling issues related to data and voice connections. It provides an understanding of the industry and its worldwide standards, types of media and cabling, physical and logical networks, and signal transmission. Students will develop skills in reading network design documentation, determining and purchasing cabling equipment, pulling and mounting cable, managing cable, selecting wiring closets, terminating cable at patch panels, installing jacks, and testing cable. This hands-on lab-oriented course stresses documentation, design, and installation issues, (as well as laboratory and on-the-job safety) and working effectively in group environments. [32-48-80] Lab Fee

Prerequisites: None