Theatre Practicum

This course is required to participate in all KCC theatrical productions, as well as students who have an interest in transferring to a theatrical collegiate program. Students will gain practical experience in all phases of the theatrical art. Includes acting, lighting, makeup, scenery construction, publicity, box office, costuming, stage managing, and properties. Specific duties and academic instruction will be arranged with the director of theatre

Introduction to Children’s Theatre

The literature, theory, and techniques of theatre for children. Study of formal and informal drama, story theatre, and improvisation. An actual production of a play for children will tour area schools. [16-32-48] Lab Fee

Script Analysis

The study of selected plays from the standpoint of the theatre artist. Emphasis is placed on a thorough examination of the play script preparatory to production, including production budgets, set/space requirements, casting problems, and the director’s and performer’s approach to the material.

Stagecraft 2

An advanced course in technical production with emphasis on scenery design and construction, scene painting, costume design and construction, makeup design and execution. Students will have opportunities for individualized instruction. Practical experience in conjunction with College productions.

Acting for the Camera

An introduction to acting techniques and thought processes used in video and film production with an emphasis on the language of cinema and hands-on, student-driven projects.

Acting 2

A continuation of THEA 218 which involves intensive study of problems in acting style, as well as the extension of the performer’s range in the areas of characterization and physical interpretation of a role.

Acting 1

A study of the techniques of acting. Each student is given individualized instruction in developing acting techniques. Laboratory work includes participation in classroom and College productions. [16-32-48] Lab Fee

Stagecraft 1

An introductory course in basic technical production including scenery construction, lighting, costumes, makeup, sound, and theatre business management. Class work includes practical experience in conjunction with College productions. [16-32-48] Lab Fee

Theatre Appreciation 2

Humanities course in theatre as an art with special attention given to the development of musical comedy and to contemporary themes and productions. Open to all students as a humanities elective. Lab Fee

Theatre Appreciation 1

Humanities course in theatre as an art, stressing the universality of man’s desires, problems, and dreams. This includes a study of the social trends which influenced the work of the playwrights and designers and contemporary methods of theatrical expression. Humanities elective. Lab Fee