Writing for the Elementary Classroom

A lecture/workshop structured to develop the writing skills of prospective teachers and to explore the means by which the writing ability of elementary school children can be encouraged, developed, and evaluated. Lab Fee

Script Writing for the Media

This course emphasizes writing for the media using current industry practices. Students will learn writing of script for radio and television broadcasting, audio and video production, and screen play for film style production.

Advanced Creative Writing

Designed to facilitate students’ understanding of the ways fiction, poetry, and drama work. Students will deal with theory and technique in traditional and contemporary works, emphasis on expanding creative scope, and developing students’ own voice and style.

Introduction to Creative Writing

Designed to introduce students to the basic elements that govern the creation of short fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Emphasis is on development of creative style and the development of craft in handling poetic form.

Advanced Composition

Practice in expository writing to develop a mastery of clear, accurate style. This course is recommended for all students majoring in English or in pre-professional programs. Writing assignments are individually designed to relate to students’ majors. Lab Fee

Technical English

Instruction and practice in writing for industry and technology. Emphasis is on meeting the written communication needs for the technical student. Lab Fee

Freshman Composition – Honors

A continuation of ENGL 151 Honors with emphasis on preparation and writing of a research paper on a challenging topic. Analysis of fiction and nonfiction selections to refine critical thinking skills. Lab Fee

Freshman Composition

A continuation of ENGL 151, including research writing, examination, and discussion of selected readings. Lab Fee

Freshman Composition – Honors

The intellectually-able student is permitted to pursue in-depth studies in expository writing. The student must be interested in developing excellence in writing. Lab Fee

Freshman Composition

Writing expository prose with emphasis on the thesis sentence, idea development, unity, continuity, coherence, patterns of exposition, and educated usage. Lab Fee