Art History

Historical survey of art from prehistoric ages to the Renaissance. Humanities credit.

Art Appreciation

A survey of contemporary and traditional visual art themes. Emphasis is on current problems in communication through painting, sculpture, photography, film, and architecture. Recommended for Art majors prior to enrollment in Art 212 or 213. Humanities credit.

History of Photography and Film

This course will explore photography and film from its early years to its present with emphasis on its esthetic, historical, technical, and social contexts.

Introduction to Studio Art

A studio course designed as an introduction to the art making experience in creation of a variety of 2-D and 3-D projects. Drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed-media fundamentals are explored. Lab Fee

Three-Dimension Art

This course focuses on three-dimensional problem solving, conceptualization, and implementation through exposure to a variety of media and basis building techniques. An emphasis will be placed on critical thinking to achieve communication of content, visual expression, and aesthetic value. [48-48-96] Lab Fee

Painting and Illustration 2

Development of painting techniques, concepts, and skills through a variety of painting problems. [16-48-64] Lab Fee

Painting and Illustration 1

Study of the fundamentals of painting expression. A variety of styles and techniques are explored with emphasis on oil or acrylic paint media. [16-48-64] Lab Fee

Art for Elementary Teachers

A lecture workshop structured to provide students an opportunity to explore materials and techniques suitable for classroom use. Imaginative art experiences and the nature of creativity are stressed. [32-32-64] Lab Fee

Drawing 1

An introduction to basic drawing techniques. Assignments cover line and form concepts including contour, perspective, defining and organizing shape, and value patterns. [48-48-96] Lab Fee

Contemporary Art Survey

Concepts, trends, and ideas as expressed in contemporary visual arts, including architecture, fine arts, and the arts of commerce. Humanities credit.