Optional Benefits

Cigna Optional Benefits for Employees

The College offers Voluntary Short Term Disability Insurance, Accidental Injury Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance through Cigna. The options can be elected by the employee during open enrollment and with qualifying events.

Voluntary Short-term Disability Insurance is available for Administrative, Maintenance and Support employees only. Faculty can purchase their voluntary short-term disability insurance directly through MESSA.

Voluntary Short Term Disability Insurance

Voluntary STD Enrollment Form

How To Submit a Disability Claim

Accidental Injury Insurance is open to Administrative, Faculty, Maintenance and Support groups. It will provide a benefit payment for qualifying injuries. Wellness visits also qualify for benefit payment.

Accidental Injury Summary

AI_CI Wellness Claim Form

Critical Illness Insurance provides a lump sum cash benefit for critical illnesses. This insurance is open to Administrative, Faculty, Maintenance and Support groups. Please read the form for more information.

Critical Illness Summary

Cigna-How to Submit a AI or CI Claim

ID Shield Identity Theft Protection

The College is offering member only identity theft protection for benefit qualifying employees during the 2018 calendar year through ID Shield. More information is available in the flyer.

ID Shield Summary

LegalShield Application

Please contact Human Resources if you have any further questions at 269-965-4152 or email [email protected]