Employee Recognition

G. Edward Haring Employee of the Year Award

Submit your nomination for Employee of the Year Award. Nominations can be submitted anytime throughout the year, but a March 31 deadline will be used for nominations awarded at General Session in August.

  • Awards will be presented annually at General Session
  • Eligibility criteria for being nominated and selected for the award:
    • Regular full-time or regular part-time KCC employee with a minimum of one (1) year of service
    • Nominees must be in good standing in the areas of performance (evaluation) and attendance with review by their supervisor
    • Previous recipients will not be eligible again until three years have passed since they were selected
    • Nomination must be for an individual; persons cannot be nominated in groups

This is not just about doing our job or promoting the College – we all have those responsibilities.

What did the nominee do that was extraordinary and exceeded the expectations set for their position?

Thank you for your interest in the KCC Employee Recognition Program. If you would like to nominate a co-worker, please complete the nomination form . For more information about the Employee Recognition Program you may contact Gwyn James.

2020 – 2021 Awardees

 Gordon Dunn : Manager, Systems Michelle Wright : Faculty, History Jackie Hallahan : Department Assistant, KCC Foundation

Gordon Dunn, Manager, Systems; Michelle Wright, Faculty, History; Jackie Hallahan, Department Assistant, KCC Foundation