Tuition Reimbursement


Tuition Assistance for KCC Classes

All regular employees of Kellogg Community College taking courses at the College are entitled to a waiver of most tuition when registered for regularly scheduled offerings. Standard registration procedures are to be followed. Academic work taken shall not interfere with the employee’s work schedule. Present spouses and dependent children, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, are entitled to the same tuition waiver as regular employees. Not included in the assistance provisions are application fees for admissions, books and supplies, lab fees, and activity fees.

Employees will become eligible for this benefit for any class that starts subsequent to the employee’s hire date.

In the case of the employee’s death while employed at the College, the benefit shall be extended for eligible dependents and spouses. This benefit will continue for the dependent children for the duration of time they otherwise would have met the eligibility requirements. The spouse will be eligible for up to 62 credits of tuition.

Further, the employees and dependents must comply with all institutional academic and student related policies. If the employee or dependent either becomes eligible for academic or student conduct dismissal or does not adhere to the institutional student related policy or procedures, the benefit ceases.

Temporary Grant employees are not eligible for this benefit.

Tuition Reimbursement for Non-KCC Classes

Full-time administrative staff are eligible for reimbursement for tuition, fees, and books for coursework taken at an accredited university or college. Reimbursement is limited to two (2) approved classes per semester (fall and spring) and one approved class during the summer session. Because of the wide variance in tuition costs, a cap for tuition per credit hour is determined each fiscal year.

The following process must be followed in order for your costs to be considered for reimbursement.

1. “Intent to Register/Reimbursement Request Form” must be completed and submitted to the appropriate vice-president prior to enrollment.

2. A separate form is completed for each course.

3. Upon completion of the course, a copy of the “Intent to Register/Reimbursement Request Form” accompanied by receipts and documentation of successful completion of the course are submitted to the appropriate vice president for approval.

4. Payments are processed by the Executive Assistant to the President.

Administrative employees whose position is more than fifty (50) percent and less than full-time are eligible for this benefit on a pro-rated basis. An employee on leave of absence is not eligible for the benefit.

All coursework that qualifies for tuition reimbursement is taken outside of regular work hours.

Faculty, Support Staff and Maintenance:

See bargaining unit contracts for details.