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Welcome to the Kellogg Community College career site. The role of every employee at KCC is to bring education to students and the community. Whether it’s through classroom instruction, processing invoices to ensure supplies are in place, guiding students to the right location, keeping the buildings in running order, helping with financial aid, or any number of roles across our campuses.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing accessible, high-quality education to enrich our community and the lives of individual learners.

Who We AreAli Robertson, Director, Human Resources

KCC employees are a community of professionals as diverse as the students and cities, towns and villages we support. We are proud to have a mixture of employees from all aspects of educational experience, life experience, economic, employment and life histories. Our families live in the local communities and frequently utilize the services we provide.

KCC is a place where success as an employee comes in many forms. It’s hard to argue with the success of our employees and the support they receive, when you realize that a KCC welding instructor became the College President and a secretary became the Vice President of Student and Community Services, yet we look at employee success through other than just a career ladder.

We see success in having faculty members whose dedication is observed through innovative online instruction, new and interesting programs and continuing to serve well past when they could have retired to the beach. We also see it in the growth of staff members who utilize tuition reimbursement to complete their education. We see success in the number of professionals who work full-time in a career outside the College and still take the time to educate others through adjunct instruction.

We believe that employment is more than just a paycheck. We believe in supporting the employee’s ability to grow a strong family and future while they are contributing toward a quality educational environment for our students and community. We are committed to providing quality benefits that employees can afford. In addition to cost-effective healthcare and life and disability coverage, we continually strengthen additional benefits including robust wellness activities, a generous leave program, tuition support and professional development.

Personally, I loved KCC when I was a student here, and I am proud to work here now. I feel I am part of the community and a purpose bigger than myself. Not everyone will end up as a KCC employee, but if you have a desire to work in an environment where your contribution can make a difference to the community as well as to your own career, then I encourage you to check us out.

Ali Robertson, Chief Human Resources Officer

Prospective Employee Information

General Information


Hiring Process

If you have questions or require assistance in completing the online application, please contact Human Resources at hr@kellogg.edu or 269-565-2074.

Equal Opportunity

Kellogg Community College is an equal opportunity educator and employer and does not discriminate on the basis of national or ethnic origin, ethnicity, race, ancestry, color, sex (sex or gender, affiliation, expression or orientation), marital/family status, age, physical or mental ability or attributes, genetic information, political affiliation, veterans status, religion or any other characteristic covered by law in its admission policy, educational programs, activities or employment policies.

Equity Statement

At Kellogg Community College, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment where we foster respect for others and our differences, support cultural understanding, demonstrate ethical behavior and champion social justice. We will accomplish this by:

  • Deepening our understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion through learning, engagement with others and personal reflection;
  • Valuing the lived experiences and perspectives of others while nurturing and understanding the differences between us;
  • Rejecting all forms of prejudice, discrimination and racism; and
  • Advancing integrity, justice and civility among and between us.

Pay & Benefits

Kellogg Community College is proud to offer competitive pay and benefits. This approach has enabled Kellogg Community College to retain experienced professionals and offer them the opportunity to develop and progress.

In addition to competitive pay, Kellogg Community College offers full medical, vision and dental benefits to all administrative, support, faculty and maintenance staff. In addition, these employees have the opportunity to take advantage of free KCC tuition for themselves and dependents, tuition reimbursement for educational advancement and a host of other optional incentives and discounts.

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