Activity Completion in Moodle

Activity Completion within a Moodle course allows both faculty and students to track progress through course content. Each activities and resource within the course can be set to track completion status. There are three options for tracking progress:

  •  None (Do not indicate activity completion): the current default setting
  • Student controlled (Students can manually mark the activity as completed): each item will have a check box the student can use to track their own progress
  • Automatic tracking based on progress (Show activity as completed when conditions are met): the faculty sets the criteria for completion

If the automatic tracking is used, there are several options for completion based on the resource or activity. For example, if automatic tracking is used on a discussion forum, activity completion might be satisfied once the student creates their initial post and replies to at least two other students. If Activity Completion is used within the course, a nifty report is available for faculty to help track progress. This report displays the individual student and their progress checks for each activity and/or resource tracked.

Graphic for Moodle Activity Completion tutorial

Activity Completion can also be paired up with Restrict Access to require certain work to be completed before releasing access to more information. For example, Restrict Access could be set to not reveal the next week’s lecture materials until a discussion forum has been completed (initial post with two replies). Until that requirement is satisfied, the lecture materials can be completely hidden or just grayed-out with the release requirements listed.

Graphic for Activity Completion in Moodle tutorial

Combining Activity Completion and Restrict Access can set a pace within class, preventing students from working too far ahead on course content. For more information on using Activity Completion or setting this up within your course, please contact Tammy Douglas, Director of Learning Technologies.