Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses are classes that are taught using a combination of face to face teaching and the Internet with a split between content, activities, and interactions occurring online and those occurring in the classroom. Faculty can teach the hybrid course from any computer that has an Internet connection and browser (e.g., Firefox, Chrome), but will also need to be able to lead face-to-face class meetings at specified times. Kellogg Community College’s Online Course Development Committee (OCDC) provides support, standards, and guidance for KCC’s hybrid development.  

Developing hybrid courses

The process and timeline for developing hybrid courses is identical to that of online courses. Please refer to the process on the Online Courses web page. KCC does not compensate for hybrid course development.

If both online and hybrid modalities are developed simultaneously, please contact the Director, Learning Technologies for information on expediting the review process.

Becoming a hybrid course instructor

KCC faculty who are interested in teaching hybrid courses have a number of options for obtaining formal education in teaching online. The certification process is the same for teaching both online and hybrid class. For certification options, please review visit the Online Courses web page under the heading “Becoming a Distance Education Instructor”.