Restrict Access in Moodle

Using Restrict Access within your Moodle course can help pace a class. Activities, resources, and even whole topics/modules can use Restrict Access to control student access.

There are several criteria that can be used to restrict access, such as:

  •  Release on date/time: individual materials or even whole topics can be set to release on a specific date and time. This option may be used alone or along with the ‘hide on date/time’ option.
  • Hide on date/time: individual materials or even whole topics can also be hidden again on another specific date/time.
  • Grade: Allow access to other materials based on a specific grade (or grade range) on an activity.
  • User field: Allow access to materials based on a wide variety of user information (if they have a Skype ID entered, access could be granted to a Skype chat).
  • Activity completion: if certain activities or resources are marked complete (by criteria you determine), access is granted.

In the image below, you can see the resources and activities are grayed-out indicating they will remain hidden until the listed criteria is fulfilled.

For example, the “Introduction and Objectives” is hidden until the student completes the two discussion forums in Week 1 (they must post once and reply twice). Also in this example, the grayed-out items will remain completely hidden so the student will not see any indication of the items or the criteria needed to reveal the items.

Graphic for a Restrict Access in Moodle tutorial


Restrict Access can be a wonderful tool for automatically release each week’s topic within Moodle – you no longer need to remember to manually un-hide resources or activities.

Try pairing Restrict Access up with Activity Completion to control pacing (or create a self-paced course) within Moodle. For more information on using Restrict Access or setting this up within your course, please contact Tammy Douglas, Director of Learning Technologies.