Professional Development

The Faculty Professional Development Program is available to full-time faculty employees (as defined in the faculty contract).

The funds are available for professional conferences and workshops only. These must be of value to the professional development of the individual and the college. It cannot be used for equipment, books or anything normally funded through another funding source.

To apply for these funds, fill out the Faculty Professional Development Program Application Form and send the signed Professional Development form to Michelle Wright (ext. 2217). To obtain a copy of the “Guidelines for Funding Sources”, please contact Michelle Wright.

The KCC Board of Trustees and the Kellogg Faculty Association established the Faculty Professional Development Committee. The existence of this committee has strengthened professional development activities significantly and is seen by KCC faculty as a fair way to distribute available funds.

The faculty committee have written a set of guidelines, which were ratified by the Kellogg Faculty Association.

Michigan Colleges Online

Michigan Colleges Online assists member colleges by providing numerous professional development opportunities. By collaborating with member colleges, outside organizations, vendors, and the Michigan Virtual University, MCO offers faculty and staff members at Michigan community colleges access to a wide range of professional development options.


The MCO facilitates activities and initiatives that provide value to the membership.  There are many projects listed on the MCO website. To learn more, contact KCC’s Director, Learning Technologies.


As a member college, any KCC employee may take advantage of the webinar series offered periodical throughout the year. For more information and scheduling, visit the MCO Events webpage.