Learning Technologies Resources and Training

For class schedules and registration information, please contact the Director of Learning Technology.

Online Teaching and Learning (OTL)

Interested in teaching an online or hybrid course? In addition to Moodle training, you will need to complete the OTL class. This four week, fully online class is designed to help faculty understand the online modality. Upon successful completion of this class, you will have the skills, resources and personal connections needed for success in the world of online education.

OTL is offered once each semester (typically about 2-3 weeks after the start of the semester).

Advanced Online Teaching and Learning

All faculty teaching online and/or hybrid classes will need to re-certify their OTL status every four years. The Advanced Online Teaching and Learning class will fulfill that requirement by offering a brief review of the basics in addition to a wide variety of modules from which to build upon. Faculty may choose modules in which they have interest or need.

Instructional Design Basics (for new faculty)

If you’re a new faculty member at Kellogg Community College, your cohort will be participating in Instructional Design Basics. This hybrid course runs over the course of your first semester and covers topics such as classroom management, student engagement, instructional design (competencies, assessment, course content), accessibility, and more!

Instructional Design Basics (for all faculty)

The Instructional Design Basics class is offered in two versions: one for brand new (to KCC) faculty, and one for all faculty. This hybrid class covers topics such as classroom management, student engagement, instructional design (competencies, assessment, course content), accessibility, and more!  Join us for some great discussions about course design.

Advanced Instructional Design

Getting ready to design a new class? Need to redesign an existing class or program? Join us for the Advanced Instructional Design class. This class will walk through all aspects of course design using KCC’s instructional design model. If you’ve completed the Instructional Design Basics course (not a prerequisite, but you must have a solid foundation), this course will delve deeper into each area of the design process (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation).

Additional Resources

More resources on instructional design, distance education, technology, teaching and learning, emerging technologies, and learning technologies are available within the Distance Education Resource site within Moodle. All faculty have access to this resource. If you do not see this section in your course listing or are not faculty but would like access, please contact the Director, Learning Technologies.

Join the conversation on Yammer! Groups have been established for Learning Technologies, Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, and more. If you have not used or accessed Yammer yet, log in to your Office 365 account and click on the Yammer logo. For more assistance, contact the Help Desk (269-965-4148).