Alert Notification Sign-Up

KCC Alert Notifications is a FREE notification system that allows Kellogg Community College to send time-sensitive messages to the mobile phones, email and/or pagers of their subscribers. In the event of a campus safety, weather and other emergency situation, subscribers will be notified immediately wherever they are located.

Click here to sign up for the KCC Alerts
Click here to login to KCC Alert Notification System
Click here to Cancel or Stop Text messages

KCC Alert Notification Directions

KCC Alerts can be managed from the Student Resources page in the Bruin Portal or you can click here to create an account directly.

If you already have an account click here to login.

Student resources location image

KCC Alert signup location image

Enter your k-id for your username then enter your first and last name, create a password, select which campus you would like to receive alerts notifications from, agree to the Terms of use finally click on Create account

KCC Alert account creation image

Text (SMS) Messages

Enter in your 10 digit phone number. Using the drop down menu select your mobile phone carrier, finally click Add new to receive a validation text message.



Enter your email address and click Add new to receive a validation email. Within a couple of minutes you should receive a validation email that will have a link to validate.

Entering phone number and carrier image

Enter email address image

Cancel or Stop Alerts

You may opt-out of the alerts, a particular group of alerts or the entire service by going to the KCC Alert and logging into your account.

If you cannot access your account, reply to any text message from us or send a new text message to 79516 with the word STOP as the first word of the message. This will remove you from all KCC Alert Notification text messages.

How to stop alerts image