Class Schedules

You can use the Search for courses field to find a course.

When you search for a course you are automatically taken to the Course Catalog where you can see a list of courses that match your search criteria. You can then use the filters to refine your search and view the details for a course.

There are various ways of searching for your courses, either choose a subject or enter a course and section. You will be able to filter the results with location, term, days of the week, time of the day, instructor, course type, and instruction type.

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Search Tips

The following list contains tips that will help you find the course you want:

    The course search is not case sensitive.
    To search for a specific section, enter the course name and section ID strung together. For example, Math-101-01 can be searched by entering math10101.
    If multiple search words are separated by a space, either word will cause a “hit” in the search results. Use “and” in your search to ensure all given search words are found. For example, use “spanish” and “conversational” to find only the results for courses related to conversational Spanish courses and not all Spanish courses and all conversational courses.
    Using AND versus OR in your course search will change the results. If you use the word AND between two words, the search results will contain only courses that contain both words in the course title or description. If you use the word OR between two words, the search results will contain courses with either of the two words in the course title and description. For example, if you typed Corporate OR Law you would get broader search results than if you typed Corporate AND Law.

The following areas are what your search term will be checked against:

      Course name (subject and course number)
      Section name (subject, course number, and section number)
      Course description
      Course and section title
      Department (code and description)
      Location (code and description)

Frequently Asked Questions

How to search for a section?

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If I know the Course, how do I search for just it?
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How to filter results?
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How to browse for only Service Learning courses?
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How to browse Online or Hybrid courses only?
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How to add the course to my Plan?

You will need to login to Self-Service click here for help registering and click on the “Search for Classes” tab

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