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Student EmailOutlook image

All currently enrolled students or financial aid applicants will have an email account assigned. All KCC students are responsible for checking their email regularly and should be prepared to as part of student/college interaction.

Login to the Bruin Portal to view your email. If you are having issues logging in to the Bruin Portal, please visit

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Sending Emailnew-mail

Select new email above the Folders list. A new message form opens in the reading pane.

To add recipients, type the name of anyone who is in your contacts folder or organization’s address list. Or type the email address in the To or Cc box.

Type a subjectPut your name and class/section in the subject line, followed by the nature of the communication. (John Smith ENGL send151:04 Illness)

Email Content – Message (tips for emailing your professor are in the image)

Reply Email


To Respond to an email message, select Reply or Reply all at the top of the message, a new message appears in the reading pane at the top of the old message.

Forward Email

Forward email image

To Forward an email message, select Forward at the top of the message, a new message appears in the reading pane at the top of the old message, be sure to enter in the email address you are forwarding the message too.

Attach a file


To add an attachment, select Insert at the top of the email message and browse to the file you want to attach.

Sync your email to a Mobile Device

syncSYNC – By setting up your KCC email on your mobile device you are stating that you understand this technology exists and that the information on your phone could be lost if you or the KCC I.S. Department were to initiate a remote device wipe. If you do not want the KCC I.S. Department to have this ability, do not set up your device to sync with your KCC email account.

  1. You must use “Microsoft Exchange” or “Corporate Sync” depending on your device
  2. Username your k-id – k0123456 if you see Domain\Username enter kellogg\k-id
  3. Email address is your (
  4. Domain: kellogg.kcc
  5. Server:

You will have the ability to sync Mail, Contacts, & Calendar

If you need your password reset, please turn off your device(s) that have been synced to your account, they will lock your KCC account.

If you would like help syncing your account you may stop by the Help Desk an we will do our best to assist you in this process.

Forwarding your KCC emailForward email logo

Forwarding your email automatically to another email address can be useful when you are going away on vacation or using a different email address.

Printer Friendly instructions – email-forward

  1. Open your email, click on the Settings icon (gear) at the top right of the screen and select options
  2. From the options Column, select organize email and click on the Plus icon to create a new rule for arriving messages
  3. New Inbox Rule
    1. Give your rule a name (ex. Forward)
    2. When the message arrives, and: Select Apply to all messages
    3. Do the Following: Select Redirect the messages to…
  4. Another window will open asking for an email address that your email will be forwarded too. Enter the email address you wish to send your KCC email to, such as yahoo, gmail, aol, hotmail…
  5. Click on the More Options link.
  6. Using the drop down menu, hover over the Move, copy or delete option and select Delete the message. Finally, click on the Save button. Forward your email.
  7. A warning message will pop up asking you to confirm that the rule will apply to all future messages.
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Option create-rule rule email-gmail
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more-options delete warning

PhishingExample of Email Scam sent to College employess

Phishing email messages, websites, and phone calls are designed to steal money. Cybercriminals can do this by installing malicious software on your computer or stealing personal information off of your computer. Cybercriminals also use social engineering to convince you to install malicious software or hand over your personal information under false pretenses. They might email you, call you on the phone, or convince you to download something off of a website.


KCC will not send you an email letting you know that your email box is close to the storage limit. Microsoft has a built in alert for email storage.

Check Storage

Click on the Settings icon (gear) at the top right of the screen and select options.  Inside the options screen, select Account, this will show your Mailbox size on the right.


Clean Up

attachment-sizeEasiest way to clean up space in your email is to sort by Largest Size, then start deleting emails that are no longer needed.