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How to login to the Bruin Portal

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Clicking on the Bruin Portal Login button, the portal login screen pops up. Log in using your student identification number (k-ID) and universal password. If this is your first time logging in your password has not been set, you will need to click on the Recover Password or Activate Account.

Need help? Click on the link below for instructions
Look up your student ID or k-ID.
Recover/Reset your password.
Want to change your password?
How to access Moodle
How to access my email?
Tax Information Consent/Sign-up
Direct Deposit Refunds
Enrollment Verification

Still need help? Give us a call at 269-965-4148

Retrieve Student ID

If you do not want to enter that information in, please contact The HelpDesk at 269-965-4148.

How to Look up your k-ID
Step 1: Click here to retrieve your k-ID. In order to retrieve you User ID (k-ID) you must fill in your last name and your Social Security Number. When finished click, Submit. Enter last name and Social Security Number

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Changing your Password

Changing your password is easy as 1, 2, 3… Please follow the steps below.

Please note: If you change your password and have your email synced to another device, you must change that password too!

How to Change Your Password
Step 1: Once you have logged into the Bruin Portal using your mouse, hover over your name and click on Password Management. Click here to go directly to Bruin Portal Login Password management image
Step 2: Click on View Details inside the Change Password block. change password image
Step 3: Enter your current/old password in the top box, then your new password in the bottom two boxes.

Your password should be more than eight characters, containing numbers, letters, and a special character. Please do not use the slashes //\\.

Enter old and new password image

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Recover/Reset your own Password

Click here to go directly to Bruin Portal Login screen to reset your password.

How to Recover/Reset your Password
Step 1: Click on the Recover Password or Activate Account. Image of link to recovering password
Step 2: Enter your k-ID and click Submit. Enter your k-ID image
Step 3: Password recovery information sent to the external email that KCC has on file. (ex. gmail, live, yahoo…) email sent image
Step 4: Click on Recover Password/Activate Account. email sent image
Step 5: Enter a new password it should be between six and twelve characters, containing numbers and letters. If you use any special characters please do not use the slashes //\\. Enter new / confirm password image
Step 6: Confirmation of password updated successfully. updated the password successfully image
Step 7: You will receive an email confirmation to your external email account. Email confirmation image

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How to Electronically Sign for your Tax Forms

Want your tax information faster? Sign up for Electronic delivery of your tax forms.

Please be aware your tax forms will not be mailed if you opt-in to receive in electronic format.

How to sign up for electronic delivery of your tax forms
Step 1. Login to the Bruin Portal and select Tax information Tax information link image
Step 2. Select the 1098 Information tab at the top of the page. 1098 Information link location image
Step 3. Click in the Receive my 1098 only in electronic format button and click Save at the bottom of the page. Receive my 1098 only in electronic format image

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Sign up for Direct Deposit

Have a refund from Financial Aid, get it faster with Direct Deposit.

How to sign up for Direct Deposit
Step 1. Login to the Bruin Portal and click on Banking Information. Banking information portal image
Step 2. Click on + Add an Account

To change your bank account, do not remove the old one. Please use the + Add an Account button on the Active Accounts page. Your old account will become inactive on the effective date of the new account. If you are unable to update your banking information, please contact the KCC Business Office at 269-965-4140.

Add account image
Step 3. Select the Activate button for Refund, Reimbursement & Payment Deposit – Once this is on, do not turn it off. You will have the option of entering an Effective Date. Finally select Next Activate new
Step 4. Enter the following information: Account Nickname, Country of the Bank, Routing Number, Bank Account Number, Re-enter Bank Account Number, Account Type and finally agree to the Terms and Conditions (check box at the bottom of page). Click the Submit button at the bottom. Edit bank account details image
Step 5. Depending on the Bank/Credit Union there may be a verification prior to any deposits being made. Please contact the Business Office with any questions (269) 965-4140 Verification image

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Enrollment Verification

Enrollment verifications show the number of credit hours a student is enrolled for a current semester. Our verifications show all semesters a student has ever enrolled at KCC; the dates of the semester(s), and whether they are full time, half time, etc.

Students might need an enrollment verification for:

  • Students need to verify that they are in at least six credit hours to defer their student loans.
  • Students need to verify to their apartment complex that they are enrolled in college courses (usually includes financial aid for this one).
  • Current employers or prospective employers do an authorized inquiry about student’s enrollment.
  • Insurance companies also ask for this information.
Enrollment Verification Request Help
Step 1. Login to the Bruin Portal and click on Enrollment Verification. Bruin Portal Enrollment Verification image
Step 2. View past requests or Add New Request by clicking on the link toward the top right of the screen. Enrollment Verification New Request image
Step 3. Please complete the form. Recipient, Address, City, State/Province, Zip Code, and Copies are all required fields on the form. Please Submit when finished. Enrollment Verification Form image

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