Wireless Printing

You are now able to print from your laptop to specific Lab Printers at the various campuses by logging into the Print Manager Plus with your k-ID and universal password.



Web Address

Main Campus – Battle Creek  LRCCOMA http://bcwebprint.kellogg.edu
Eastern Academic Center – Albion  EAC103A  http://eacwebprint.kellogg.edu
Fehsenfeld Center – Hastings  FC117A  http://fcwebprint.kellogg.edu
Grahl Center – Coldwater  GC115A  http://gcwebprint.kellogg.edu
RMTC- Battle Creek  RMTCRCA  http://rmtcwebprint.kellogg.edu

Video How-To


Press Play to watch video

Printable Hand Out


Login using your k-id and universal password

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Using your k-ID and universal password, login to Print Manager Plus!

Click the Print button at the top left

Click to enlarge

Click on Print at the top left of the screen.

Select your file to print

Click to enlarge

Click on Select File to Upload. This will open a box allowing you to browse for your file.

Click on Next at the bottom of the page.

Select the printer, then click next

Click to enlarge

 Using the dropdown menu, select the Printer and click Next.

*Only 1 copy per print job.

Select the Print Now button

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Finally, click on Print Now and go to the chosen printer to pick up your document.