Mobile Registration Support

  Kellogg CC Mobile Registration

There are a few things to know before registering for classes using the Kellogg CC mobile app.

1. You must either sign up for a payment plan or pay in full once registration is complete.

2. You can drop classes using the Kellogg CC app within the schedule adjustment time limits established by KCC.  For information on dropping a course with a refund, see the Tuition Refund Policy page.  If you drop from a course after the drop/refund period and prior to seven eights (7/8) of the duration of the course, this is considered a ‘Course Withdrawal’ and you will receive a grade of “W” on your academic record for each course withdrawal.  In addition, tuition and fees are not refunded when you withdraw from a course.  For more details regarding student registration, please visit the KCC Student Registration page.

Here are more Frequently Asked Questions about registering for classes using the Kellogg CC app:

Q: What happens if I register for classes but don’t sign up for a payment plan or pay in full?
A: You may be dropped from your classes after 24 hours.

Q: How do I pay in full using the Kellogg CC app?
A: In the mobile app, choose ‘3. View Account and Make Payment’ in the Register for Classes section: