Educational Planning

Academic advisors will assist you in forming career and educational plans that fit your aptitude, interests, personality and lifestyle. An educational plan consists of a list of required and suggested courses which lead to the completion of a degree or certification.

Educational Planning Resources

Occupational Programs

Occupational degrees (AAS) or transfer degrees (AA or AS) prepare students to go from college to a work environment after completing 60 to 78 credits. This does not include prerequisite coursework.

Certificate Programs

A group of classes in a specific area between 15 and 44 credits. Certificates require a GPA of 2.0 in required coursework. Certificates can be a great way to document completion of coursework while working toward an associate degree. Additionally, a certificate may be a way to expand skills and abilities in an area of study related to a degree.

Transfer Guides

Kellogg Community College has articulation agreements with many other colleges and universities in Michigan. Articulation agreements are used to develop transfer guides for students who choose to begin their college experience at the community college level.

Career Exploration

Are you unsure about your program of study? Are you still thinking about what career path you would like to pursue? Check out the Think. Plan. Act. webpage for assessments and additional information that can help you in this process.

Scheduling Options

KCC offers several course delivery options to help you customize your learning experience.


Course prerequisites prepare students with skills necessary for academic success. To meet a prerequisite, a student must do one of the following:

  1. Take the required coursework
  2. Submit an official college transcript of previously taken coursework
  3. Complete a placement assessment by:
    • Providing high school transcripts and/or ACT or SAT scores
    • Complete placement testing at KCC
    • Bring college transcripts to the Academic Advising office for review

Program Planning Sheet

A semester by semester plan of courses is available to keep students on track with occupational, certificate or transfer programs.

Educational planning is the first step on a journey to a great career. Visit Academic Advising for career exploration information to help bring the future into focus.