Scheduling Options

Understanding some of the similarities and differences in the delivery of courses can help you decide which options will work best for you.

Online Classes

  • Online courses often use the same books as the traditional classroom. The difference is that you may never see the instructor or your fellow students. All assignments and instructions may be presented online.
  • Online courses usually require students to complete 1 1/2 times the amount of homework as the traditional classroom.
  • Distance learning requires more discipline and organization than the classroom setting.
  • The most successful students in online classes, partner with other student in the class to complete projects and assignments.
  • Abstract and analytical thinking are good skills for the distance learner.
  • Online classes will have frequent deadlines and assignments.
  • You will need a PC with internet access and word processing. Additionally, you will need an email address.

KCC Online Classes: You register for KCC online classes as you would other KCC courses. Be sure to check your KCC email and Moodle account on the first day of class!

Michigan Colleges Online: If you are looking for a class that KCC is not offering, check out courses offered through Michigan Colleges Online (formerly the Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative). These courses are offered by community colleges across the state. Registering for a class that is offered at another community college requires some caution on the student’s part to ensure the course will meet their goals. So, when selecting a course on MCO’s course schedule, look at the end of the course listing for equivalencies at KCC and check with your advisor.

Traditional Classroom Courses

  • Classrooms at KCC consist of approximately 24 students on average.
  • The instructor, classmates and discussion groups are key components of learning.

No matter which option you choose, you will receive a course syllabus at the beginning of each course, and it is important for you to read and understand its content.