Disability FAQ

Do I have to disclose my disability to anyone at KCC?

You are not required to disclose your disability to the College. However, if you are seeking academic adjustments due to your disability you must identify yourself to Center for Student Success by providing documentation of your disability. Accommodations do not apply retroactively and grades will not be changed for work completed before eligibility for accommodations was established.

Do standards of appropriate behavior apply to students with disabilities?

Yes, all students are expected to abide by KCC’s Student Code of Conduct.

Is there a charge for disability services?

Students are not charged for academic accommodations required based on disability. However, if you receive alternative textbook format accommodations, publishers require you purchase the textbook prior to providing the textbook in an alternative format.

When should I submit my documentation?

The sooner the better, as documentation may need review, clarification, additional information and discussion with a Center for Student Success staff member. Students are encouraged to initiate the process as early as possible after they are admitted to KCC.

Is it ever too late to request accommodations?

A student may begin the documentation process to request accommodations at any time. However, as stated previously, accommodations will not be provided retroactively and grades will not be changed after a student is approved for accommodations. Not all accommodations can be implemented immediately so plan appropriately.

Do I have to use all of my accommodations in every class?

No, not all accommodations are necessary or appropriate in every class. Keep in mind that if you choose not to use an accommodation in a particular class, you will not be given the chance to redo the work with accommodations at a later date. If you find that you need different accommodations for a specific class, please contact Center for Student Success immediately so we can review and, if appropriate, approve additional or class specific accommodations.

Can I request an accommodation directly from my instructor, without first meeting with Center for Student Success?

No. While we encourage you to discuss your accommodations with your instructor to ensure that you are able to fully and effectively participate in the class, all accommodations must first be approved by Center for Student Success.

Who informs my instructors about my accommodations?

At the beginning of every semester, or any time you have a change in your approved accommodations, Center for Student Success sends an Instructor Notification email to each of your instructors. You will receive a copy of this email too. The email states what your accommodations are but does not disclose your diagnosis. Talk to your instructor after you receive the email in order to discuss your accommodations directly with them.

What if I have trouble working with my instructor regarding my accommodations?

Contact Center for Student Success as soon as possible for assistance in resolving the situation or to discuss any issues you are experiencing related to your accommodations.

Contact Center for Student Success

Telephone: 269-965-4150
Email: [email protected]