Think. Plan. Act.

What do you want to do for a living? What are your career aspirations? What program or area of study would you like to pursue? It’s common for students to be undecided about their college majors and career paths. If you know you want to achieve a higher education but aren’t sure what for, KCC can help you think, plan and act on your goals!


Visit Focus2 for a selection of self-assessments including Work Interest, Personality, Leisure, Values, and Skills.

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Look at an individual assessment or combine your assessments to discover potential areas of study and career paths that match your interest whether it is a degree program at KCC or a transfer program to a university. To discuss your results and what they might mean for your future career, bring them to KCC’s Career and Employment Services office or schedule an appointment by calling 269-565-2637 or email

Think Plan Act
Who am I? Where am I going? How do I get there?
What careers are right for me? What career fits who I am and my goals? What is next for me now?
What programs does KCC offer? What careers are in demand now? How can I best present myself to employers?
What will it take to get there? What should I be doing now to develop and apply my skills?

Progress Toward Your Future

Use the following checklist to track your career path progress before leaving KCC.

This Progress Toward Your Future checklist highlights items students should complete on their career path before leaving KCC.