Resumes & Cover Letters

Need help creating a résumé or cover letter?

Would like your résumé or cover letter critiqued?

Not sure where to start?

Contact Career and Employment Services at 269.565.2637 or [email protected] to schedule a meeting. Résumés and cover letters can be dropped off in person (Student Center, Suite 105, next to cafeteria) or emailed to [email protected]

Quick Tips: Résumé and Cover Letter Writing

  • Use key words and phrases; a résumé must be relevant to the job
  • Focus on accomplishments, not just day-to-day responsibilities
  • Create key sections of your résumé like Profile, Education, and Experience
  • Update regularly and have other people review it, must be grammatically correct and error free
  • Must be esthetically appealing – check margins, font (size/style), tabs; email as a PDF

See below for sample resumes