Step 1

Login to course and Turn editing on, located on the black bar at the top under ‘Course Administration.’

Turn Editing On

Step 2

Click on the “Add an activity or resource.”

Add an activity or resource

There is a pop-up window that will have all the activities and resources listed.

Add an activity or Resource clickable link

In an existing forum, the following settings can be found in Settings > Forum administration > Edit settings.


Step 3

A short name of the forum (e.g. “Ice Breaker”), which will be displayed on the course homepage.

Forum name image

There are five forum types to choose from:

Forum type image

A single, simple discussion – A single discussion topic which everyone can reply to (cannot be used with separate groups).

Each person posts one discussion – Each student can post exactly one new discussion topic, which everyone can then reply to.

Q and A forum – Students must first post their perspectives before viewing other students’ posts.

Standard forum displayed in a blog-like format – An open forum where anyone can start a new discussion at any time, and in which discussion topics are displayed on one page with “Discuss this topic” links.

Standard forum for general use (Default) – An open forum where anyone can start a new discussion at any time.

Step 4

Place the description of the forum here. It has the standard Moodle HTML editor toolbar to assist the teacher.

Forum introduction image

TIP: It is a good practice to include precise instructions for students regarding the subject of the forum and the rating and grading criteria that might be used in this forum.

Step 5

Set the subscription mode. By default, it is set to Optional. Note there will be a 30 minute editing timer placed on each posting and/or reply.

.Subscriptions image

Optional subscription – Participants can choose whether to be subscribed.

Forced subscription – Everyone is subscribed and cannot unsubscribe.

Auto subscription – Everyone is subscribed initially but can choose to unsubscribe at any time.

Subscription disabled – Subscriptions are not allowed.

Note: If a person is subscribed to the forum, they will get an email for every posting and reply.

Step 6

Participants can track read and unread messages in the forum and in discussions. By default, participants will see if there are any unread posts per forum.

Fourm read tracking image

Step 7

The Maximum attachment size that may be attached to a forum post will first be determined by the Moodle site settings (2MB). The teacher may want a smaller size limit for the forum. Server file capacity, student downloading speeds and discouraging images in a document centered discussion are a few reasons to limit file size.

Attachment size imitation image

Maximum number of attachments – This setting specifies the maximum number of files that can be attached to a forum post.

Maximum number of attachments

Step 8

Post threshold for blocking – Students can be blocked from posting more than a given number of posts in a given time period.

Post threshold for blocking

Step 9

Grade – This setting controls the category in which this activity’s grades are placed in the Gradebook and is only manageable if you have the categories set up in the Gradebook.

Grade category image

Step 10

Set the ratings if this forum will have points that will count towards the final grade. Point scale 1-300 possible.

ratings image

Step 11

Common Module settings – Group settings, Group Mode – When course group mode is turned on, the group mode can be one of three levels: No groups, Separate groups or Visible groups.

Common module settings imageHide advanced image

Step 12

Restrict access settings – The restrict access section asks for the conditions when the activity (or resource) should be visible. This can be based upon dates, and/or score ranges of other activities and/or if other activities are considered completed. Note that ALL access restrictions (date, grade condition, activity completion condition) have to be met in order for the activity to be made available.

restrict access dialog box

Step 13

Save or Cancel

Save and return to course button image-Allows to save and go back to main Moodle page.

Save and display button image– Allows to save and display new page/activity.

Cancel button image– will not save any changes, and send back to main Moodle page.