Computer Commons

Students use an interactive, touch-screen computer table in the KCC library.KCC’s Library Computer Commons is a general-purpose area for use by KCC students in pursuit of their academic studies. KCC staff and faculty are welcome to use the commons, though students are given the highest priority.

Hours are the same as the library. Please see the About the Library page for current hours.

Kassie Dunham, Librarian, Electronic Resources/Systems
Phone: 269-565-2613

What We Can Do For You

Technical Assistance

  • The computer commons provides computer hardware, software, and Internet access for your use. The library staff can assist you with selecting appropriate software and instruct on how to access software programs.
  • The IS Help Desk staff may be able to answer some additional basic questions. However, usually you will be referred to online help, textbook support, or encouraged to speak to your course instructor for further assistance.

Printing Services

  • The Computer Commons has four (4) black and white laser printers. Three (3) are located in the main aisle of the commons, and one (1) is on the North side of the building on level three.
  • Current KCC students are provided with free printing services for course-related, instructional work. Printing should be limited to essential coursework. If multiple copies are needed, please use the photocopy machine available near the Commons. Contact the Library staff if you have a large print job. Abuse of the printing service will result in the loss of this free service. Please consider the environment as well when printing materials.

Computer Equipment

  • We offer the Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Edge, and other specific software programs dedicated to instructional use.
  • Six (6) scanners are available in the Commons. For assistance using the scanners, please contact Library staff.
  • One (1) computer is available for use by registered community users. See the Library Check-Out for information.

What We Ask of You

Please Respect the Needs of Others

  • In courtesy to all computer users, you are asked to work and talk quietly by observing the need for a quiet study atmosphere.
  • You are asked to turn off all cell phone ringers or set to vibrate and use cell phones in the study rooms or hallway.
  • Audio equipment, computers or personal players must be used with headphones or earbuds and volume must be kept at a level that is not audible to others. Earbuds are available for checkout at the Library Check-Out Desk for $1.00.
  • The College’s computers shall not be used to harass, intimidate, or create an offensive environment for other computer users.

The Commons’ Food/Drink Policy

  • In order to minimize potential damage to computer equipment, only beverages with spill-proof lids and dry packaged snack foods are welcome in the computer commons (e.g., bottled water or pop, candy bars, or pretzels).
  • Please enjoy all other food items in the Student Center (e.g., sandwiches, burgers, fries, or muffins).
  • Please clean up before you leave; throw away any wrappers and cups.

Personal Property Left Unattended

  • For your security, any personal property (e.g., books, backpacks, clothing, etc.) should not be left unattended at any time.

LRC Computer Commons Reminders

  • Librarians are available if you would like guidance finding additional resources online. Just ask at the Information Desk.
  • File storage – students will need media for storing personal files or can send a copy to their email account. You should save your work every 5 – 10 minutes. Information entered since the last save is lost when the computer or network goes down. If you need help saving a document, ask for assistance.

Use of Computer Resources by Non-KCC Students Younger Than 18 Years of Age

  • Children are allowed to use computers with visible, nearby parental supervision only. We reserve the right to assign computers to KCC students as needed.

Computer usage is subject to the guidelines and policies of the Computer Commons. Please view the College’s Acceptable Use Policy.