Food & Drink Policy

We want to be a welcoming and comfortable place for study, research, and intellectual growth; on the other hand, the Library is responsible for preserving its materials and facility so that they are in good condition now and in the future. Our food and drink policy is intended to find a middle ground that reasonably supports both.

  • Beverages can be consumed in the Library. Sturdy covered containers are required.
  • Dry snack foods such as candy bars, chips, and nuts are allowed in the Library.
  • Hot carryout food and other messy or aromatic foods may NOT be brought into or consumed in the Library.

This policy will be enforced by all Library staff. We will intercept food items that do not conform to this policy and discard them. Failure to abide by this policy means that you will be asked to leave the Library. Your cooperation helps keep undesirable species out of the Library and preserves our collections and equipment.