Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

There is more to college than just attending classes. Registered Student Organizations are groups of KCC students who share a common interest/purpose/hobby to get the most out of their college experience. Getting involved and participating in student organizations is not only FUN, but enhances your student experience through helping you engage with the community, develop critical thinking skills,  and forge new lasting friendships. Expand your college curriculum, check out our list of RSOs below, or get a group of friends together and begin a new RSO!

For the safety of the KCC community, RSOs are asked to meet in modified and virtually accessible spaces for the time being. See the list below for direct links to the Microsoft Teams for our RSOs!

RSOs at KCC | How to register a new RSO | Inactive Organizations

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) at Kellogg Community College

RSO NameAdvisorMeetingsMSTeam ChannelDescription
Art LeagueRyan Flathau
[email protected]/

Penny Rose
[email protected]

Heather Stratton
[email protected]
Wednesdays, 2:30 p,m.Art League TeamThe Art League is a club open to all students interested in expanding their knowledge for art. A variety of activities outside the classroom are offered to encourage greater art appreciation by club members.
Book ClubMichele Reid
[email protected]
Book Club Website
Campus RepublicansJonathan Williams
[email protected]
Campus Republicans TeamThe purpose of Campus Republicans is to bring together students interested in the political process and, in particular, the Republican party. Students will develop a greater understanding and appreciation of society and the political process through discussion, forums, and other activities and competitions.
Crude Art ClubTom Webster
[email protected]
Crude Art Club TeamThe Crude Arts Club is an informal group of KCC students who are devoted to writing. They are, in essence, a group of writers, thinkers, and talkers. The club meets to share poems, stories, ideas, and opinions. In addition to providing support for young writers at KCC, the Crude Arts Club hosts campus poetry readings and organizes fundraising activities.
Education ClubJamie Bishop
[email protected]
Last Tuesday of each month at 3:15 p.m. on TeamsEducation Club TeamThe Education Club aims to promote the growth of education students, as well as give back to the College and local communities.
Encore Theatre CompanyBrad Poer
[email protected]
Thursdays from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. in Davidson Auditorium 201!The Encore Theatre Company is open to all students interested in developing theatrical experiences on and off-campus. The goal of the company is to entertain and educate audiences, explore theater, and expose drama to all age groups. Students are encouraged to offer their support and talents to the community.
Encore on Instagram
The Equestrian ClubLaura Miller
[email protected]
Spring meeting: Monday, February 14 11:30 a.m. in C303The Equestrian Club TeamThe purpose of the KCC Equestrian Club is to connect those who have a passion for horses.
The FriendChip ClubHolly McKee
[email protected] /
Every other Friday from 11:45 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.The purpose of FriendChip Club is to give students the opportunity to make new friends over a well loved topic. Cookies!
Kampus Activity Board (KAB)Kristin McDermott
[email protected]
Wednesdays 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. on Teams and OHM 106AKampus Activity Board (KAB) TeamThe Kampus Activities Board is a group of students interested in planning activities on campus and being actively involved on campus. The KAB also provides representation for the student body and acts as a liaison between the student body and KCC staff and administration.
KCC RoadrunnersHolly McKee
[email protected] /

Trevion Thomas
[email protected]
Mondays at 3:00 p.m.KCC Roadrunners TeamThe KCC Road Runners group is open to all KCC students interested in promoting good health in a fun, positive way through running and other physical activities.
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)Kristin McDermott
[email protected] /

Rebekah Love
[email protected]
Officers meet Tuesday 12-1Phi Theta Kappa TeamPhi Theta Kappa is an international honor society in which membership is by invitation only. Students in the organization must have completed 12 or more semester hours with a 3.5 or higher grade point average. New KCC students may be invited to provisional membership based on their high school academic achievement and leadership activities.

Phi Theta Kappa Website
Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) ClubTracy Wood
[email protected]
The Physical Therapist Assistant Club is interested in education, community service, and promoting awareness of physical therapy. The club’s purpose is to enrich and broaden the views and knowledge of students in the field of physical therapy while participating in community service opportunities.
SpectrumTerah Zaremba
[email protected]
Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. in C-304 and TeamsSpectrum TeamSpectrum works to provide a safe and supportive social setting for LGBTQIA+ individuals and their allies, as well as any other interested parties, and to provide educational resources to the campus community regarding issues of sexual diversity.
Student American Dental Hygiene Association (SADHA)Anne Jost
[email protected]/

Stacey Schramm
[email protected]
SADHA TeamThe Student American Dental Hygiene Association is open to dental hygiene students who are attending KCC or any other accredited school of dental/oral hygiene. The purpose of the association is to promote the art of dental hygiene science.
Students of Color ClubTracey Taylor
[email protected]

Dennis Baskin
[email protected]
Student Nursing AssociationLynn Smolarkiewicz
[email protected]/

Georgina Thomas
[email protected]
The Student Nursing Association is open to nursing students attending KCC. The association’s objectives are to cultivate, promote and sustain the art and science of nursing; to represent and safeguard the common interest of the members of the nursing profession, and to contribute to the improvement of public health.
Sustainability ClubKassie Dunham
[email protected]
Sustainability Club on Microsoft TeamsMembers of the Students for a Sustainability Club at KCC are passionate about educating everyone on being green. The club actively works to make KCC a greener facility through help with recycling programs and working with the college to go green. The students are passionate, the programs are educational, and progress is being made every day to create a brighter future for us all.
Tech ClubDoug Mann
[email protected]
The Tech Club is the oldest club on campus. It is open to any KCC student with an interest in science and technology professions. The club strives to increase student awareness by highlighting the need for technicians to stay up to date on current advancements in technology.
True Life Christian FellowshipPernell Gibson
[email protected]
Wednesdays 12:00 p.m. -1:00 p.m. in C-301True Life Christian Fellowship TeamThe student-run True Life Christian Fellowship club is non-denominational and open to all students. Bible studies, speakers, and other activities are used to enhance students’ spiritual development.
Women's ClubMichele Reid
[email protected]

How to register a new student organization


An organized group of enrolled KCC students, coming together for a common purpose, may begin a newly Registered Student Organization (RSO). To register a new RSO, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that your organization is unique to currently active RSOs
  • Name your RSO
  • Develop a constitution for the organization, including:
    • The name of the organization
    • Organization objectives and purpose
    • Membership information
    • Information about officers and their duties
    • KCC’s non-discrimination clause
  • Identify the organization’s advisor(s) by name and position with the College
  • Include a current list of officers, including their KCC ID numbers and contact information
  • Include a current list of members (a minimum membership of seven currently enrolled KCC students is required)

Once this information is secured, schedule a meeting with Student Life to discuss your organization’s registration.